Philip Webb

Date of birth: 1831-12-01 — Date of death: 1915-04-17

Architect. Son of the physician, Charles Webb and M. Elizabeth Speakman. Charles Webb was the son of Thomas Webb (1804-1827), a renowned medallist of Birmingham. Philip Webb attended Aynho Free Grammar School, Northamptonshire. His reputation was established with the design of the Red House for William Morris (1834-1896), begun in 1859. Webb played an important role in the early work of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. His contribution to the firm's stained glass, as well as decorative details in the windows was especially important. He renounced his active involvement in Morris & Co. in 1875. Webb was the architect of a number of substantial private buildings, for example, 1 Palace Green, Kensington, for George Howard (1843-1911). With Morris in 1877, he founded the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB). In his later years, his financial situation deteriorated and he retired to live in Sussex.