Frederick Sandys

Date of birth: 1829 — Date of death: 1904

Painter. Son of textile dyer Anthony Sands, who became a drawing master and artist, and Mary Ann Brown. Sandys trained at Norwich School of Art and Design. He is known for his paintings of the Norfolk landscape and for Pre-Raphaelite inspired subjects, including 'Morgan le Fey' (Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery) during the 1860s. Under the patronage of Rev. James Bulwer, Sandys contributed a series of works to Bulwer's 'Norfolk Collection' from 1845 to 1858. Sandys was in London by 1851 and exhibited at the Royal Academy in the same year. Sandys became known to the Pre-Raphaelites through his satirical print ' A Nightmare' (1857) based on John Everett Millais' painting of 'A Dream of the Past; Sir Isumbras at the Ford' (1857). Friend of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882), this relationship disintegrated when Rossetti accused him of plagarism.