The painting depicts the figure of a man slumped in death. The public and press saw the painting as a justified criticism of the Poor Law, which forced paupers to break stones to repair roads in return for food and shelter. When exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1858, instead of a title the painting was accompanied by a catalogue entry quoting Thomas Carlyle's (1795-1881) 'Sartor Resartus': 'Hardly-entreated Brother! For us thy back was so bent, for us were thy straight limbs and fingers so deformed: thou wert our Conscript, on whom the lot fell, and fighting our battles wert so marred. For in thee too lay a god-created Form, but it was not to be unfolded: encrusted must it stand with the thick adhesions and defacements of labour; and thy body, like thy soul, was not to know freedom.'The original frame was inscribed with a line from Tennyson's poem 'A Dirge': 'Now is done the long day's work'; the painting was exhibited under this title in Birmingham in 1861. The exhibition history of the painting is occasionally uncertain. A note attached to the back of the painting by the artist, dated 18th May 1884, reads: 'The stonebreaker was, I think, exhibited at the RA in 1858, also at Natl Exbn. at Dublin and again at Philadephia' (Birmingham files).The first owner of this painting, Viscount Powerscourt, owned another Wallis painting,'Henry Marten in Chepstow Gaol', also exhibited in Dublin in 1865. A smaller version of the painting from the collection of Jospeh Dixon was sold at Sotheby's Belgravia on 19th March 1979 (lot 18).

  • Presented by Charles Aitken, 1936.
  • © Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery


Association Artist Organisation
Artist Henry Wallis -


Type Position(s) Method Date(s) Notes
Signature and date bottom right - -


Catalogue No. Venue Date(s)
Annual exhibition with quotation from Carlyle's 'Sartor Resartus': 'Hardly entreated, brother! For...'
562 Royal Academy of Arts, London 1858 - 1858
no cat no Hogarth Club, London 1859 - 1859
36th Exhibition: with a different Carlyle quote from the RA Exh. of 1858
54 Liverpool Academy of Arts 1860 - 1860
exhibited with title 'Now is done thy long day's work'
176 Birmingham Society of Artists 1861 - 1861
Dublin International Exhibition of Art and Manufactures
129 Dublin 1865 - 1865
- Philadelphia Museum of Art 1968 - 1968-04-21
Annual Exhibition, lent by Joseph Dixon
197 St Jude's School House, Whitechapel 1887 - 1887
The Permanent Collection of Paintings, and a Special Loan Collection of Modern Pictures
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The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
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The Victorian Romantics
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Viscount Powerscourt, Ireland; Temple Soames, Tunbridge Wells in 1880s; Joseph Dixon, 1887; Charles Aitken.

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