The figure represents Proserpine as the Empress of Hades. Proserpine was conveyed to Pluto's realm, where she became his bride. Her mother Ceres pleaded with Jupiter to return her to earth. Jupiter agreed providing she had not partaken of any of the fruit of Hades. However, she had eaten a single pomegranate grain and thus had to remain in the underworld.There are no fewer than eight versions of this composition, though few were completed, and they are all inscribed with Rossetti's poem of the same title. The doomed classical heroine is modelledon Jane Morris, with whom Rossetti had established an intimate relationship by July 1869. This version was painted for L. R. Valpy Esq. as a copy, on a reduced scale, of the Tate version. It was finished at Birchington, just a few days before Rossetti's death.

  • Presented by the Trustees of the Public Picture Gallery Fund, 1927.
  • © Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery


Association Artist Organisation
Artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti -


Type Position(s) Method Date(s) Notes
- bottom left Painted -


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Leonard. R. Valpy; William Imrie; Imrie sale, Christie's 28 June 1907 (lot 135), £462; Christie's, 29 May 1908 (lot 477) bought by Colonel James B. Gaskell for £477; Christie's, 30 April 1926 (lot 150), bought by Sampson for £357; bought by Public Picture Gallery Fund for £550, presented to Bimingham Museum and Art Gallery in 1927.

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Jane Morris Artist's model

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