Sewter identified these figures from Burne-Jones's account book. The top, from left to right are: Enoch; King David ('David Rex', in armour, playing his lyre); Christ Enthroned in Glory ('Salvator Mundi', see watercolour in Brooklyn Museum of Art, and stained glass window in East Hampstead and Calcutta Cathedral); Solomon (holding the Temple; see Tree of Jesse for identical depiction); Elijah the prophet (see stained glass window of same). The bottom lights from left to right are: St. Thomas; Charity (labelled by the artist); St. Michael weighing the souls of the dead (see Last Judgement cartoon in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and window in East Hampstead); Justice (labelled by the artist); St. Paul.

  • Bequeathed by James Richardson Holliday, 1927.
  • © Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery


Association Artist Organisation
Artist Sir Edward Burne-Jones -


Type Position(s) Method Date(s) Notes
* / */ charity/ all white/ Michael/ * / Justice/ red orange
Notes Front Handwritten - instructions/ notes written in pencil. written in the artist's hand


Author(s) Date(s) Publisher Pages
City of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: Catalogue of the Permanent Collection of Drawings
A E Whitley 1939 Bemrose & Sons Ltd, Derby p. 146
The Stained Glass of William Morris & His Circle
A Charles Sewter 1975 Yale University Press, New Haven Vol. I: fig. 479; Vol. II: p. 219
Hidden Burne-Jones, Works on paper by Edward Burne-Jones from Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
2007 Dan Giles, Ltd., London p. 86

Associated people

Name Type
William Morris Associated with

Associated places

Name Type
Calcutta Cathedral -

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