In Greek mythology Medea, a magician and princess, fell in love with Jason and helped him steal the Golden Fleece on the island of Colchis. He married her but after the birth of their children he divorced her to marry Glauce. In revenge Medea created a poisoned robe and coronet and sent it to her rival. The robe burst into flames when Glauce put it on, killing her, her father, and everyone else in the palace except Jason. Medea then murdered two of their children in front of him.In this painting Medea is casting the spell which will curse the robe. Whilst Medea claws distractedly at her coral necklace, the boat of her husband Jason is shown sailing away. The influence of Japanese screens upon the artist is demonstrated in the gold background and numerous Oriental motifs, notably the cranes and the dragon. The pair of copulating frogs on the marble table in the foreground symbolise her lover's infidelity. The Egyptian cat god and dried sting ray signify her use of dark magic.Acclaimed by the poet Swinburne as Sandy's masterpiece, this painting was accepted for the Royal Academy exhibition of 1868 but with held from view as it was considered an affront to public taste. After protests and arguments in the press, the picture was exhibited the following year, possibly due to Frederick Leighton's intervention on the hanging committee.

This painting caused much heated debate in The Times when it was rejected from the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition of 1868, despite it being hailed as a masterpiece by many critics. Greek legend describes Medea as a sorceress and the wife of Jason. When he deserted her for another woman, Medea poisoned both her rival (Glauce ) and her two children.

  • Presented by the Trustees of the Public Picture Gallery Fund, 1925.
  • © Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery


Association Artist Organisation
Artist Frederick Sandys -


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W.H.Clabburn; by descent to his daughter Mary and son-in-law E.Meredith Crosse 1879; their son E.Mitchell Crosse; Christie's 8 May 1925 (74); Trustees of the Public Picture Gallery Fund.
Lot 74.

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