This portrait study of Emma was made around Christmas 1852 with Emma continuing to model for The Last of England well into the New Year. Brown records Emma 'at the beginning of /53 ... coming to sit ... in the most inhuman weather from Highgate. This work representing an out door scene without sunlight I painted at it chiefly out of doors when snow was lieing [sic] on the ground' (Virginia Surtees, ed., 'The Diary of Ford Madox Brown,' p. 80).LMWhilst working on the painting in 1853 Brown spent four weeks on 'the madder ribbons of the bonnet' which are depicted being blown by the fierce wind. However, in this early head study of Emma, her ribbons are neatly tied and her hair lacks the windswept strands found in both the cartoon (1906P795) and the painting, suggesting that this study was done purely to capture Emma's likeness, which Brown was intent on portraying faithfully. However, capturing it in paint seems to cause him a considerable amount of trouble, with references in his diary to alterations made because the head appeared to be 'very bad & made [him] miserable' (Virginia Surtees, ed., 'The Diary of Ford Madox Brown,' pp. 129, 134).

A preparatory sketch for the oil painting 'The Last of England'. Brown met Matilda Hill, known as Emma, by 1848. She was the daughter of a bricklayer who had moved to London during the 1830s. Although a child, Catherine, was born in 1850, Emma and Brown did not marry until 1853.

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Association Artist Organisation
Artist Ford Madox Brown -


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FMB Dec 52
Monogram bottom left Handwritten 1852 Chalk.


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Emma Madox Brown Depicted

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