Here Elizabeth Siddal is seen in Rossetti's studio at 14 Chatham Place, Blackfriars, London, drawing his portrait by lamplight. Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddal first met in the winter of 1849-50. She acted as a model for several important Pre-Raphaelite paintings, and from 1852 began to sit regularly to Rossetti, who also described her as his pupil in letters to his sister Christina. A large proportion of her surving work as an artist dates from 1853-55, although no portrait by her of Rossetti is known to survive. The National Portrait Gallery owns a reproduction of this work (no. D9348).Recently the identity of Rossetti has been questioned (Christopher Newall). Is Rosetti drawing an imagined scene of himself in this scene or is it in fact someone else close to the Rossetis?

  • Purchased and presented by subscribers, 1903.
  • © Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery


Association Artist Organisation
Artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti -


Type Position(s) Method Date(s) Notes
Sept 1853 / DGR
Date bottom right Handwritten 1853 Date in brown ink. Initials in pencil.


Catalogue No. Venue Date(s)
Pictures, Drawings, Designs and Studies by the Late Dante Gabriel Rossetti
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Pre-Raphaelite Women
20 Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 1985-10-09 - 1986-01-02
20 Stoke-on-Trent Museum and Art Gallery 1986-09-13 - 1986-10-19
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
2 Bunkamura Museum of Art, Tokyo 1990-09-22 - 1990-11-14
2 Aichi Prefectural Art Gallery, Nagoya 1990-11-17 - 1990-12-09
2 Ishibashi Museum of Art, Kurume 1991-01-08 - 1991-02-14
The Primacy of Drawing: An Artist's View
120 Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery 1991-09-21 - 1992-02-16
120 Stoke-on-Trent Museum and Art Gallery - - -
120 Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield - - -
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
22 Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool 2003-10-16 - 2004-01-18
22 Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam 2004-02-27 - 2004-06-06


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William Bell Scott; Scott Sale, Sotheby's 14 July 1892; Charles Fairfax Murray

Associated people

Name Type
Elizabeth Siddal Depicted
Dante Gabriel Rossetti Depicted

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