JISC Content - Exploring Collections Online

Created by Amelia Yeates

06 August 2010

Since 2003 JISC and JISC Collections have been investing in digitised content across all subject areas.  JISC have now created a website called JISC Content that allows people to discover these diverse and wonderful collections in one place. The Pre-Raphaelite Online Resource was funded by JISC and features on their website.

JISC Content provides an introduction to these digital collections to help academics, students, researchers and librarians understand the wealth of resources available to them. Many of the collections provide access to archive materials which are too fragile in their original format to be used so widely, or they bring together materials which are scattered throughout the world.

JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) is an organisation that funds and supports the use of technology in the UK Further and Higher Education sector. JISC Collections was established by the UK Higher and Further Education funding councils in 2006 to negotiate, procure and license digital content at a national level on behalf of the academic and research community.

Explore the JISC Content website.

Linda Spurdle, Project Manager, Pre-Raphaelite Online Resource