David Rowan

David worked with award winning photographer Luke Unsworth to photograph the works on this website. He also worked directly with project manager Linda Spurdle to programme other aspects of the development of the project and resulting resource web-site, as well as attending JISC program meetings and conferences. David had significant input into the selection process and appointment of the design and web development team.

Davids primary role at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is in guaranteeing safety, technical precision and high end photographic standards are adheared to at all times during the photography and post production of large, unique and valuable collections.

David Rowan is the Photographer and Photographic Studio Manager at Birmingham Museum and Art Galleries. He designed, constructed and managed the network, studio and workflow for the organisation. The hardware, logistics and scheduling of photography for this resource site was also managed by David. He is responsible for the development BM&AGs digital picture library archive and related computer systems.