The Pre-Raphaelite Online Project has been developed by an in-house team at Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery and a freelance photographer and writer & researchers. The project has also benefited from the input of an academic advisory committee.

Academic Advisory Committee

Dr Jan Marsh
Dr Colin Cruise
Dr Paul Spencer-Longhurst
Dr Richard Clay
Dr Alison Smith

Project Team

  • Project Manager

    Linda Spurdle

  • Documentation Manager

    Rachel Cockett

  • Curator

    Tessa Sidey

  • Documentation

    Lucy Blakeman

  • Photography Manager

    David Rowan

  • Audience Research

    Digital Illumina

  • Photographer

    Luke Unsworth

  • Web Design & Development

    TAK! Design

  • Further Research

    Elisa Korb (Edward Burne-Jones)
    Aileen Naylor (Simeon Solomon)
    Natalie Osborne (Cataloguing)
    Rosy Aindow (Biographies)
    Marie Fowler (Cataloguing)
    Connie Wan (Cataloguing)

  • Writer & Researcher

    Laura MacCulloch

    Dr Amelia Yeates


The information relating to works by Ford Madox Brown has been written by Laura MacCulloch as part of an AHRC funded collaborative PhD at the University of Birmingham during the period 2005-2009. These entries are marked by the initials LM.


Victoria Osborne (Curator), Zelina Garland (Curatorial Services Manager), Tom Heaven (Picture Librarian) and everyone else at Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery and elsewhere who has contributed to this project.